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Ariel Meranus

Senior Product Strategist

About Ariel

Ariel is an experienced researcher and strategist with a passion for understanding people and why they behave the way they do. She has a knack for getting to know users deeply, finding ways to help them make progress, and unlocking new pockets of growth. In her free time, Ariel is an avid hiker, traveler, and audiobook listener. On any given day she probably has at least four audiobooks in her rotation. To date, Ariel has visited 55 countries and counting! Her dream vacation? A hiking trip in Patagonia, with a stop in the Atacama Desert in Chile, known as one of the best spots to stargaze because you can clearly see the Milky Way. Sounds pretty cool to us!

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Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details."

Jeff Bezos

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