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It’s time to grow with our B2B SaaS Growth Framework

These resources will help your team define a clear view of your market so that you can structure an effective growth strategy.

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With a clearer view of your market you can...

Build an actionable growth strategy

Update positioning to generate quality leads

Prioritize your product roadmap

Align your sales team on the right accounts

Defining Your Market

Private company data is readily accessible through data tools, but despite having readily accessible data most companies have trouble defining their target market. You’ll hear companies say broad targeting like: “We target tech companies.”

In this video we answer:

• What data is accessible to you today?

• How do you define a market?

• What is a market segment?

Define Your Market Guide

Identify these for your product:

  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Serviceable Available Market (SAM)
  • Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)
  • Serviceable Obtainable Segment (SOS)

Template Downloads

Make use of the templates we review in the videos to maximize the value of your GTM Strategy

Feeling stuck with your go-to-market strategy? We’re here to help.

Grab some time with one of our Senior Strategists and our CEO to talk more about what you’re facing and we’ll share some insights and advice on how you can overcome.