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The Problem

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They were interested in more than just building a technical path for us. It was about helping to make us successful as a startup business.”

The missing ingredients

The team from the 3rd Element is made up of parents and coaches that understand what's missing in the sports industry: a focus on self-awareness and healthy communication skills. While most programs focus on physical skills and game skills, 3E wanted to focus on intangibles such as leadership, teamwork, and emotions.

The current tools aren' t working

Many soft skills programs currently in the market are delivered in a format where athletes can't complete the program on their own. With those resources, the results tend to be less than satisfactory. It's not that the content is poor, it's the delivery mechanism.

Everyone is on the go

Coaches and athletes have busy schedules between school, work, and travel. Athletes need to be able to access this valuable content no matter where they are and get results. In the past, there was also no simple way to track progress, identify internal struggles with each athlete, and build a stronger relationship with their coach.

The Solution

A mobile-focused learning platform

With 3E, we designed and developed a mobile-focused learning platform. Athletes can easily access the content and continuous assessment on their phone. In the web-based app, coaches, parents, and teachers can track student progress and gain new insights on how to be more helpful to them. On the back-end, the 3E team can also easily update and add new video content to continuously improve the value the platform provides.

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Our experience with Headway has been extremely positive. We truly view this as a partnership. They care about our success as a business, not just the project that they're working on.
Brian Tristani
Co-Founder, The 3rd Element

The Results

3E allows users to participate, engage, and grow right on their phone. They can access video content with stories from professional athletes and coaches, and even hear stories from other young athletes.

Assessments to create personalized plans

Every athlete completes assessments within the app to better understand themselves. This highlights their strengths and weaknesses and even provides insight so they can make improvements. In the athlete profile, they can keep track of where they are within lessons and document their journey.

Content that users can relate to

The 3E team developed a customized learning program to focus on common behaviors specifically found within sports. Every lesson gets delivered through a mixture of assessments and videos. The video lessons are presented by professional coaches and athletes. Within those lessons, they will also discover peer athlete stories of failure and victory and how their choices impacted their results.

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We have been using the 3E app for a couple of months. I am a firm believer in the mental aspect and skill development of the girls. The girls have really benefited from the app."
Head Coach
Girls Varsity Soccer

Progress tracking to help coaches gain new insight

Through a back-end dashboard, coaches and parents can see how every athlete is progressing or struggling. This creates opportunities for coaches and parents to talk to an athlete when they need it most. This dashboard gives admin users access to assessment results, lesson progress, and journal entries that athletes make as they participate in the program.

Content management for continuous improvement

The core value of the 3E application is its content, so the 3E team needed to be able to control and update it on their own. To solve that problem, we developed the back-end of the application to have admin access to update content as needed to help them continuously improve the way athletes are learning.

Developing future leaders

While the content of the application is focused on helping athletes become more self-aware, coaches and parents gain a better understanding of the people they are leading as well. The philosophical approach of 3E is to help everyone become more accountable, a better teammate, and exceptional leaders. That's a product that people love to believe in.

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That whole experience of helping us break-down our grandiose vision into what was absolutely critical and then get that into the marketplace so we could start building and testing with consumers was really important for us.
Paul Lemens
Co-Founder, The 3rd Element

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