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Creating an effective platform to track, measure & improve stemi & stroke performance


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It's no surprise that the medical industry's practices are outdated and inefficient. There are so many processes that still use pen and paper, which makes things more complicated, less accessible, and nearly impossible to use the data to make actionable decisions and adjustments.

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The Headway team is diverse with expertise in design, development and operation. From the very start, we knew we would receive a powerful vehicle to accomplish our mission. We could not be more pleased about the finished product.
Tom Selissen
CEO, AttackTracker

Seconds Save Lives

Working with AttackTracker, we identified issues for Stemi(Heart Attack)& Stroke practices between Cath Labs and EMS. Communication was hazy and in some cases non-existent, the review process is bloated, and the ability to act on the data was nearly impossible.

With stemi, stroke, and trauma emergencies, every second matters. We set out to create a platform built around enhanced communication, phase specific goal tracking, and actionable trending metrics.

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Branding & Identity

We created a color palette and logo for AttackTracker as well as a collection of different stationary concepts that were used and put to production.

AttackTracker branded identity package

The Solution

AttackTracker Web App interface

Web Application

We went through a few different iterations that allowed us to test different aesthetics and logo placements before finalizing the branding and identity.

Ultimately we settled on a simplistic interface that helped create an overview of performance on the dashboard as well as the most recent cases logged.

Streamlined Entry

With our ability to streamline case entry using new wearable technology, physicians are able to focus on the patient while seamlessly creating cases - eliminating hours of recap and review later.

Implementation Guide

A critical component to the product is the support material created around it. Implementation guides were created to help onboard new facilities and make sure all the key stakeholders were ready to get up and running in no time.

AttackTacker web app mockup
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We were looking for a partner to own design and development and the team at Headway went over and above. They helped us create incremental phases of our product that tested our assumptions and produced a more effective and valuable product because of it.
Tom Selissen
CEO, AttackTracker

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