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Discovering new business opportunities in global money transfers

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“The way Headway conducted interviews and research to gather insights was great to see. It was also an opportunity to have Headway help level up our product team.”

Rory Newton

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Azimo

“One of the top 10 money saving apps”

“The future of money transfer!”

“Changing finance for the better”

Creating new value for currrent customers

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Azimo partnered with Headway to explore new opportunities in FinTech related to global money transfers.  This partnership was created to foster continuous innovation and growth for Azimo, with a focus on creating new value for customers.

The problem of

too many ideas

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hollow bullet point

Should we expand our offering to a new market?

out of focus card  in the backgroundout of focus card in the backgroundout of focus card in the background
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Do we explore other financial service offerings?

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What if we built this new feature?

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Having over 1 million customers in different parts of the world means that Azimo has an abundance of opportunities to innovate and grow.

This also creates a challenge - Deciding what new ideas to pursue.  

Azimo needed a way to bring clarity to their research and decision-making process, to ensure the most impactful initiatives were being supported.

“With so many things we could be doing, it was hard to decide where to invest our time and effort.

Headway gave us more clarity and confidence in our growth initiatives.”

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Rory Newton

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Azimo

Seeking a new point of view

Azimo consistently invests in their customers and employees.  

Partnering with Headway to find and define new business opportunities not only supported a strategic pursuit of growth, but also had an additional benefit of leveling up their own research and innovation skillset.

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Define new business opportunities

Strategic research icon

Improve strategic research methods and decision making

Team and innovation skillsets

Level up their team and innovation skillsets

Research and education

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“This is exactly what we needed. Being able to see our customers as people, and not just a data point will help us make better decisions.”

Rory Newton

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Azimo

Jobs to be done research method

Headway applied a 'Jobs to be Done' research model to explore and uncover new business opportunities with existing Azimo customers.

We conducted over 45 interviews with real customers to build a deeper understanding of the social and emotional context for customers sending money internationally.

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“The first reason people give you for buying something is rarely the real reason.

It isn't until we understand the unspoken motivations and struggles of customers within a situational context, that we can begin to predict future behavior.”

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Robert Kaminski

Product Strategist, Headway

Social Context
Person smilingfemale smiling
Beliefs / Values
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Bringing meaning to customer data points

After uncovering customer stories to build situational context and lots of data points, we then applied synthesis methods to bring meaning to the data.  

While revisiting the unique elements of each customer narrative, we used visual mapping exercises to highlight themes and patterns.  

The surfacing of these patterns allows us to go deeper into understanding and questioning "why" these behavioral patterns occur.    In this phase, we converge to create clarity from seemingly ambiguous and diverse stories and data.

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“When you work with Headway, they fit in like one of your own team.”

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Rory Newton

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Azimo

Aligning with the company vision

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In this phase, we converge to create clarity from seemingly ambiguous and diverse stories and data.  

The understanding of context, motivations, and struggles allows us to frame opportunities for product and marketing innovation including under-served problems customers are trying to solve, new market definitions to be captured, and customer experience enhancements.

This final exercise enabled Azimo to move from analysis to action by applying their own design sprints to address the most valuable opportunity discovered.

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The results. Actionable insights.

We surfaced many growth opportunities for Azimo after distilling and categorizing the customer research.  

We then worked through a prioritization exercise to help them focus on the biggest opportunity areas by weighing various opportunity criteria:

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Confidence of a customer insight

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Importance of the uncovered customer job

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Potential viability of addressing the customer job

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Technical feasibility

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