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A plan to declutter your life, right in your pocket

Becoming Minimalist was challenged with finding a way to merge all of the knowledge and experiences from the Uncluttered Course that was available online. They wanted to transform it into an engaging mobile tool to help more people declutter their homes.

This initial home decluttering process is the first stepping stone for many as they start their journey into living a life with a minimalist mindset. It creates a reduced attachment to things to create space for things that matter—relationships, experiences, and freedom.

Headway worked closely with the Becoming Minimalist team and the members of the Uncluttered Course to craft a motivating experience to help more people begin this journey and find freedom by living a life with less.

Making a clutter-free life easier to achieve

A feature that makes the Clutterfree app so unique is its ability to craft a personalized plan of attack to declutter your unique home. You can select your home type in three easy steps, add all of the rooms in your home, and rank the declutter difficulty of each room. With these details, the app assembles a personalized step-by-step roadmap.

To implement the desired level of customizability for each user we used model “templates” and created room templates that we associated with categories and task templates. It allowed us to easily change up the rooms, the tasks for each of those rooms, and the room category. Each user could select the “templates” that they wanted to include in their homes, and applying the template would then build models for the selected rooms and assign tasks to each room based on the template type.

While this increased complexity for the build, it evened out the ease of which we were able to conceptualize and manage the templates with the tools we already use. The templates provided the versatility required to make each home unique to the user.

Tracking progress

Clutterfree tracks your progress as you check off tasks from room to room. You can track the items you have removed from a room, snap photos, and mark how you are getting rid of them (sold, donated, recycled). You can snap before and after photos of your rooms to be stored in your Clutterfree gallery. This feature gave users an option to document things visually to support the act of letting those things go.

From the outset of working on Clutterfree, we knew we wanted to track progress and that we’d need to be collecting usage from each model as we built Clutterfree. We leveraged instrumentation from the outset to track essential attributes of each model. We identified achievements that would be easy to track but provide lots of value and could easily leverage that instrumentation to more easily track the changes made to each model.

Rewards to create motivation

Clutterfree nudges users as they check off items with haptic feedback for small tasks and achievement badges for big wins.

A holistic experience

Along with a personalized plan based on your unique home, Clutterfree greets you with a daily motivational statement to remind you why you're working toward a Clutterfree home.

Integrated expertise

Clutterfree is stacked with articles and supplemental plans from some of the world's top decluttering experts. All designed to help users find inspiration, get unstuck, and gain momentum.

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Why Clutterfree likes working with Headway

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From idea to launch

Efficient production for launch

Designed for speed

In order to decrease the time spent translating this design into our views we relied on exporting scalable vector graphics and building components that would be integrated across the application. This allowed us to speed up delivery without sacrificing the final design and aesthetics for delivery.

Minimal API footprint

We leveraged the frontend to calculate a user's progress through the app. Normally we do calculations of this kind in a database. Since the amount of data per user was not very large we were able to pull all the data and update the UI without adding more network requests. This pattern made our counters and progress bars more dynamic and reduced the API footprint.

An experience that leads you

Clutterfree was designed to help people. Not only live a life free of clutter, but to be guided on that journey each day. When you use Clutterfree, you never question what to do next. You are always set up for success and rewarded for your hard efforts.

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