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Here’s a look into our culture, beliefs, and the crew that makes it happen.

Work at Headway
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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


We solve problems and create positive change by providing value through a true partnership.


Through product strategy, design, and development we use qualitative and quantitative data to iterate solutions into a product-market fit.


Dedicated product teams that own the problem alongside you and craft solutions that achieve tangible results.

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Core Values

Growth Mindset

Teachable. Teach Others.

To make progress, we must establish an insatiable appetite for increased knowledge. We grow when our people remain teachable and we embrace our role to continually share our collective knowledge.

People Focused

Crew. Clients. Customers. Community.

We value people, their perspectives, and the problems we can help them overcome. You are not your work, but you bring something unique and powerful to it.

Self Motivated

Initiative. Ask where you can help.

Moving ourselves, our mission, and our clients forward is important. If something is broken, take ownership and see that a better solution gets put in place. Look for more opportunities to create value and pitch in.


Everyone is heard. Everyone is a servant leader.

Our compass is set to what works and moves us forward collectively. Great ideas and initiatives can come from anywhere, so everyone's voice is heard.


Intentional Practice. Deliver value within given constraints & context.

Through intentional practice, experience, and a comprehensive understanding of each project's constraints, our craft expands. This empowers us to make the most valuable decisions.

We navigate every project using our proven approach to build successful products.

Our Approach
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Meet the Team

Our growing and diverse team has valuable experience in building products within different industries and verticals. Visit an individual’s page to learn more about them and see the articles they’ve written.

Tim Gremore

Development Lead

Scott Peterson

Mobile Developer

Riley Hennigh


Eric Verboncouer

Partner & COO

Mark Gambale

Director of Business Development

Damiano Redemagni

Senior Designer

Thomas Kay


Clint McManaman

Staff Designer

Sam Preston


Dan Diemer

Mobile Lead

Breanna Clemens

Design Lead

Jordan Burke

Senior Developer

Jon Kinney

Partner & CTO

Jacob Miller

Marketing & Brand Manager

Trevor Pennington

Mobile Developer

Melissa Ganzfried


Angie Sherrick

Brand Designer

Josh Hooton


Jorge Rodriguez


Anthony Pierri

Product Marketer

Melissa Gallagher

Senior Designer

Jesse Hixson

Senior Developer

Miranda Knudson

Marketing Strategist

Chris Held

Development Lead

Billy Sweetman

Head of Design

Trenton Willard

Senior Mobile Developer

Joshua Fryszer

Senior Product Strategist

Brehanna Skaletski

Studio Experience Manager

Noah Settersten

Senior Developer

Andrew Verboncouer

Partner & CEO

Kady Jesko

Senior Designer

Sam Pecard

Senior Designer

Colton Plumley


Josh Myers

Senior Developer

Jacob Hebert


Robert Kaminski

Senior Product Strategist

Taranpreet Singh


Want to join the crew?

We're always looking for passionate & talented crew members! If you think you would be a good fit for Headway, check out our current openings.

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