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Get expert guidance on AI or machine learning integration, solution options, and creating clear alignment with business goals. It's all about adding real value to your customers and business together.

Elevating B2B SaaS products through data and insight automation

Trying to understand where AI fits inside your business? We can help you identify the opportunities you have for task efficiency and improving data clarity.


Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to focus on more complex and creative work.

Pattern Recognition

Predictive analytics can identify patterns and trends, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

Eliminate Cost

By optimizing and reducing waste, AI can eliminate cost and time delays for lengthy and arduous processes.

Data Transformation

Capture data in one medium and transform it to another to automate and streamline data entry.

On-Demand Clarity

Train your AI on any set of data, manual, or wiki - and allow users to ask questions and derive correct contextual answers.

Customer Experience

Enhance customer interactions, providing quick, tailored responses and improving overall satisfaction.

Latest AI work

our AI Experience


Tools used: HuggingFace, Elixir Nx, Livebook

Medical Code Transcriber — offers an intuitive platform that not only transcribes medical conversations from audio to text but also tags and codes the transcript with relevant medical codes.

This fully hosted, seamless integration of transcription and medical coding in real-time empowers doctors, nurses, and administrators to streamline their workflow, reduce administrative burden, and focus more on patient care.

our AI Experience


Tools used: ChatGPT

We utilized the ChatGPT API to allow coaches to ask their baseball and softball related questions.

our AI Experience

Crown by Interspond

Tools used: OpenAI

Crown by Interspond — analyzes historical data and user behavior, then utilizes AI algorithms to predict and populate answers for frequently asked questions, thereby saving time for the respondent.

This feature is particularly valuable in streamlining the completion of lengthy or complex questionnaires, where users might otherwise experience fatigue. It also minimizes the redundancy of input, which is a common deterrent in survey participation.

Such AI-driven optimization not only accelerates the data collection process but also improves the accuracy of the responses by reducing the likelihood of rushed or inattentive answers, leading to higher quality data for researchers and organizations

Tools we leverage

A cloud platform that provides developers with the ability to run full-stack applications close to users worldwide, featuring rapid launch capabilities and global cloning of machine instances.


AI platform to automate repetitive tasks nd improve productivity.


AI platform to automate repetitive tasks nd improve productivity.

Hugging Face

A comprehensive platform offering a wide array of pre-trained AI models, primarily focusing on natural language processing and machine learning tasks.

Elixir Nx

A toolkit for numerical computing and machine learning in Elixir, featuring pre-trained neural network models.


An interactive and collaborative code notebook, integrating with various tools like HuggingFace for data science and machine learning projects.


An extension for PostgreSQL designed for efficient storage and similarity search of vectors, commonly used in machine learning applications.

Vercel AI

Designed to deploy AI applications rapidly, featuring an AI SDK and Frontend Cloud for seamless integration and zero-config deployments, primarily focused on building conversational streaming user interfaces in JavaScript.

Stay ahead of the competition with AI that actually adds value

Our AI consulting team gets you from idea to proof-of-concept in 2 weeks. Our AI launchpad program is designed to assist you in shaping your AI vision and uncovering the applications and solutions to successfully integrate AI into your industry's requirements.

AI Launchpad

Idea to Proof-of-concept in 2 weeks

Understand the applicability of Al services to your business
Design user experience and workflows
Identify a target set of Al use cases
Identify data sources, train model and risk guardrails
Provide a roadmap for full implementation
Develop reference architecture and select suitable Al models
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"Headway is the first tech experience that truly lived out the agile process. They built a prototype that earned us the cash to build the entire platform."

Kelly Williams

Network Strategy Product Lead