employee testimonials
“Because Headway truly cares about its employees, it’s the best aspect about working there and I’ve never seen a remote-first company so well organized and transparent with everything.”

Taran Singh

Senior Designer at Headway

"The leadership at Headway is extremely transparent about the goals of the company and the processes behind the business. The crew is highly invested in your success and the work is engaging and challenging. You won't regret it."

Jesse Hixson

Senior Developer at Headway

“The people who work at Headway make it one of the most supportive work environments I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Each person is genuinely committed to the success and growth of clients and fellow crew mates alike.”

Breanna Clemens

Design Lead at Headway

a group photo of the Headway crew

Flexible and accountable

Trust makes it all possible. Our crew works locally, remotely, and can flex their hours during the week. We are all held accountable to get things done no matter where life takes us.

You be you

Our crew isn't afraid to speak their mind but also has respect for others. We encourage you to pursue the things you daydream about. Most of our crew have personal projects going on and they love talking about them.

The ego

We're not attached to our own creations, and any ego is left at the door. When we create, we get excited about it together and stand behind it. Our pride focuses on what we can do for our clients.

Every crew member matters

Listening is how progress can begin. Everyone’s voice and ideas deserve to be heard. We're not just cogs in a machine. We believe in focusing on people over profit.

Always room for fun

You'll come across dad jokes, plenty of memes, and fascinating tales from the crew. We even host team retreats and community events so we can hang out in real life.

Keep it real

Integrity. You’ve seen it on posters at your old job, but we definitely live it here. We hold ourselves to a high standard when building products because it's what matters. We're tired of other people selling snake oil just to make a buck.


Monthly Budget

You'll get a company credit card where you'll be allocated a monthly budget to purchase lunch, coffee, etc. You manage the spend, so spend it however you'd like!

Onboarding Package

You'll receive a Mac and a $2,500 budget to purchase the equipment you need to be successful in your working environment.

Continuous Learning

35 hrs/week for client work and 5 hrs/week for investment time. $2,500 annual budget for education and conferences. We also host workshops internally and within the industry.

Horizontally Structured

We all grow together. Have a clear path for professional development.

Flex Time

Work where you work best. We're remote-first. Need to take a break during the day? No problem.

100% Paid Healthcare and Dental

We cover 100% of the healthcare and dental premiums for you and your family. We offer PPO or HSA matching plans.

Life and Disability Insurance

All full-time employees receive disability (Short and Long Term) and life insurance. (Term Life and AD&D) We also extend the opportunity for each employee to purchase additional term life and AD&D for yourself, spouse, and children.

Parental Leave

4 Weeks PTO, ample UTO thereafter.

Holiday Refresh

Headway HQ has a paid rest period between Christmas and the New Year.

Bi-Annual Retreats

Growing together and having fun. Hiking, snowboarding, hacking, team building, relaxing.


4 weeks of paid time off every year (vacation, sick-time, and holiday refresh).

Swag and Gatherings

Get all the free gear you need! We also host gatherings, meetups & workshops.


We match 100% of the first 3%, and 50% of the next 2%. If you contribute 5%, we contribute 4%.

Quarterly Profit Sharing

As Headway continues to grow, so does your earning potential. Everyone at Headway is bought into our ongoing success.

the headway team exploring in Joshua Tree California

Core values

Growth mindset

Teachable. Teach others. To make progress, we must establish an insatiable appetite for increased knowledge. We grow when our people remain teachable and we embrace our role to continually share our collective knowledge.

People focused

Crew, clients, customers, and community. We value people, their perspectives, and the problems we can help them overcome. You are not your work, but you bring something unique and powerful to it.

Self motivated

Take initiative. Ask where you can help. Moving ourselves, our mission, and our clients forward is important. If something is broken, take ownership and see that a better solution gets put in place. Look for more opportunities to create value and pitch in.


Everyone is heard. Everyone is a servant leader. Our compass is set to what works and moves us forward collectively. Great ideas and initiatives can come from anywhere, so everyone's voice is heard.


Intentional practice. Deliver value within given constraints and context. Through intentional practice, experience, and a comprehensive understanding of each project's constraints, our craft expands. This empowers us to make the most valuable decisions.