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Free and premium video courses for founders, designers, and product teams by the Headway crew.


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Founders, Strategy

Ready to Scale

High-growth founders and product leaders

Just raise a Series A? This course if for founders and product leaders that want to empower their teams to make a big impact on their business metrics.

6 video lessons

Learn how the best SaaS startups gain traction faster than the rest of the market so you can scale your business.

Founders, Strategy

Startup Foundations

For first-time and early-stage founders

Learn how to build a successful business, not just launch a product. Learn the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

5 video lessons

Start gaining traction in the most important parts of your startup. Learn proven tactics that will impact real business growth.


How to Build Design Systems in Figma

For serious product designers

This is for product designers and teams that use Figma and want to leverage the power of design systems in their work.

46+ video lessons

A growing library of design system lessons to super-charge your design workflow in Figma.


Create Professional Level UX Audits and Reports

For website and product designers

Designers that want to level up their design skills and impress their boss, clients, or project managers with awesome audit reports.

6 video lessons

Elevate your auditing expertise and improve the way you present your findings to stakeholders and lead your team.

Founders, Strategy

Founder's Mindset

For first-time founders

A mindset course for early-stage startup founders looking to reduce their risk and make better decisions for their business.

5 video lessons

Learn the common mistakes we see startups make and how you can give your startup a greater chance for success.


Design Systems for Product Teams

For design and product leaders

In a new design leadership role? Understand the benefits of design systems and what to expect with implementation.

3 video lessons

Learn what design systems are, how to manage them, and what to expect when leveraging them with your product teams.

a photo of billy sweetman teaching a video course in a studio

Figma Tutorials for Beginners

Get familiar with Figma

This is for anyone that has never used Figma before and wants to design apps and websites and establish best practices.

4 step-by-step video lessons

Learn the basics of Figma with the design team at Headway. A free course to get started in web and product design.

a photo of a product designer working a project in Figma