Logistics and Supply Chain

Simplifying the complex process of moving goods and optimizing supply chains for efficient and smooth delivery.

Award-winning products

We have launched multiple award-winning products serving the continuous high demands of the logistics and supply chain industry

SOC 2 compliance support

As your strategic partner, we can help your product and data stay secure. Maintain the integrity of your product with the support of our team.

EDI and dynamic data aggregation

We can help you migrate and manage transportation data records to be consumable by your new platform. We have experience with FMCSA, SAFER scores, and TMS connectivity

Fast and scalable frameworks

Leveraging powerful languages like Elixir and frameworks like LiveView, we’re able to serve users the data updates they need faster than other solutions without creating more demand on development

Multiple cloud platform options

We’ve worked across multiple cloud platforms like AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, and GCP. If needed, we can even partner with your dev ops team to deploy the application within your internal cloud.

screenshot examples of software Headway has created for clients in the logistics supply chain industry

Create a new UX/UI and API product for global visibility for KBX and other Koch companies.

Collaborated on a robust multi-tiered design system in Figma that serves Ford and its brands for in-vehicle UI.

Launched a new agile procurement marketplace to move freight faster with more transparency and reliability.

Partnered on digital transformation efforts through design and development to launch and grow FELIX.


Improving healthcare through innovative technologies and digital solutions that enhance access to data, improve efficiency, and help people live better.

HIPAA compliant solutions

From EMR and EHR integrations to managing PHI, we can consult, build, and manage compliant health solutions that meet the needs of your customers

Simplifying the complex

Our designers and developers resolve complex challenges to deliver remarkable patient and provider experiences

Connected medical devices

Craft software that powers connected MedTech solutions that are both industry-compliant and meet your customers' needs

Trusted partnerships in the industry

Our close partnerships with experts include SaMD design and development, MedTech go-to-market launches, GPO navigation and approved vendor status for hospitals, and software-enabled disposable device design

FDA 501(k) approval experience

We’ll help you prepare and manage the application process for submitting a 510k to the FDA for qualifying Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

screenshot examples of software Headway has created for clients in the healthcare industry

Translating the product vision and wireframes into workflows and high-fidelity screens to test with customers and raise investment.

Design and development of their initial MVP platform and ongoing support. FDA 510-K Certification.

Researched, designed, and developed new bluetooth biosensor application with FDA 510-K Certification for both iOS and Android.

Created an “Apple-like” in-store experience that connects customer data with an iOS Point-of-Sale checkout system for their flagship store in LA.


Transforming the way we handle money and wealth with user-friendly experiences that improve transactions, security, and financial management.

Development leadership in FinTech

Our development team has led and managed complex integration projects between SaaS platforms and large banks like Chase, HSBC, and more

Expertise in trusted financial systems

We have experience delivering systems for processing payments, loans, and assets for some nation’s largest financial institutions

PCI compliance and guidance

From digital wallets to lending services, we can help you architect a compliant solution to confidently serve your customers.

High touch customer experiences

By simplifying complexity, our robust design and development expertise delivers unforgettable and remarkable customer experiences

screenshot examples of software Headway has created for clients in the fintech industry

JTBD research and training to find new opportunities in the market and expand revenue streams.

Development and design for an integrated digital mortgage platform used by the world's largest lenders like Chase, HSBC, TD Bank, and more.

Design and development to help scale community giving through improved donation management.

Designed and developed a web and mobile platform to bring much-needed funds to schools through Card-Linked Offers (CLO).


Revolutionizing education through digital tools and platforms that make growth engaging, accessible, and interactive for students and teachers alike.

Keeping user data safe

We understand the legal regulations and compliance for COPPA, GDPR, and CCPA to keep user data safe

LMS best practices

We know what it takes to architect a learning management system and the cost of not doing it right the first time

Lasting change through passion

Our passion for supporting educators, teaching, and learning drives our commitment to make an impact together

screenshot examples of software Headway has created for clients in the edtech industry

Design and development for a new digital tabletop roleplaying marketplace with licensed properties like Alien, Avatar, and Marvel.

Design, development, validation, and rebranding of MVP. Leveraging Bubble for no-code development.

Design and development partner across multiple projects since 2015, from Seed to Series D.

Design, development, and validation testing for a new product launch to both iOS and Android using React Native.