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9 min

How to Run a Software Pilot Program - B2B Do’s and Don’ts

Learn Andrew's best practices for launching and running a B2B SaaS pilot program to acquire your first customers and get to revenue faster.
8 min

Elevating Your Design Team's Performance: The Power of Regular 1:1s

Learn how to build stronger relationships and improve design team collaboration through effective 1:1 meetings.
12 min

Building Self-Service Web Pages in Contentful with GatsbyJS

Using the Contentful CMS, learn how to create a pattern on your website that allows content editors to create web pages with minimal development work.
6 min

Understanding Compliance and Data Disclosure for Your Mobile App

Learn how to avoid data compliance headaches for iOS and Android and what to consider when disclosing your mobile app data to Google and the App Store.
4 min

Making Mistakes Gracefully: 3 Steps to Recover from Them

As designers, we all make mistakes sometimes. Learn how to reduce the damage and bounce back quicker when it happens.
3 min

A 10 Minute Formula for Better 1:1s

Feel like your one-on-one meetings with your manager aren't always helpful? See how the 10-10-10 framework can improve focus in your 1:1 meetings.
15 min

React Native Quick Start: Expo, ESLint, Typescript, and Prettier

Let’s talk about the essential tools for creating consistent bug-free code.
5 min

Design to Code: The Role of Atomic Design in Front-End Development

Experiencing issues with design handoffs? Learn how to use atomic design systems to align design and development teams and reduce technical debt.
3 min

Migrating an Android Project from Groovy DSL to Kotlin DSL

Learn the differences between Groovy and Kotlin, how Kotlin can be beneficial for you, and what you need to know before migrating your Android project.
7 min

Getting Awesome Testimonials for Your Early-Stage Startup

Learn what questions to ask to get powerful customer testimonials to improve website conversions and support your sales team.
6 min

VSCode Profiles: Optimize Your Coding Environment

Leverage Visual Studio Code profiles to make switching between projects easier.
5 min

Surviving the First Year: Tips for New Engineering Managers

Are you a new software engineering manager? Chris shares his experience and the tools you can use to make the transition into a management role less stressful.
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