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Jon Kinney

Partner & CTO

About Jon

Jon leads our development team and is our in-house oracle of all things code. He swears by our internal search system, Joogle, which successfully completes searches with 100% accuracy, multiple times per day. As our development leader, Jon has a passion for knowledge, sharing, and makes sure our team of developers stay on point and up to date. He wasn't always a kingpin technical leader, however. Jon was born and raised in our state's capital, Madison, WI. Eventually he moved an hour west to the quaint village of Avoca, where he earned an appreciation for rural activities like bailing hay and watching paint dry. Now a product of Northeast Wisconsin by way of De Pere, when Jon isn't spending time with his wife Amanda and their three kids, he lives in Vim / Tmux where he has successfully spent years without ever leaving the home row. One of Jon's favorite pastimes is playing hockey, or as he puts it, "Making a hat trick and kayaking down the ice". An ideal vacation for Jon is one you could probably picture for a rural son of Avoca, where he's surrounded by the outdoors natural wildlife, but you would be dead wrong. Jon's ideal vacation is locked in a movie room adorning one of his many quarter zip fleeces with endless supplies of his favorite things: mountain dew, fast internet, and an ergonomic keyboard. When our team swag came in, we had to get a logo patch because he refuses to let anything else grace his upper body. Like Energizer, Jon is a man who never quits and is full of many surprises not the least of which is singing a cappella where he can definitely hit the high notes.

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If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up."

Shia LaBeouf

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