Mark Gambale

Director of Business Development

Mark has worked alongside amazing people from companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Gartner. We think that’s pretty darn cool. Mark has seen it all as an experienced Director of Business Development and CMO within MedTech, BioTech, and FinTech. He’s all about moving fast and making a difference. Whether it was hitting revenue targets with marketing campaigns or leading a product team to launch new products ahead of schedule, he’s always delivered on his promises. Mark is a dreamer, always eager to listen to new ideas and curious to solve problems. Sometimes that means disrupting the status quo. With Italian and German roots and a passion for staying in motion, Mark calls Boston, Boulder, and Green Bay his homes. He’s one of the cool dads too. Mark enjoys writing songs, hiking, and skiing with his wife Cher and four children, Andrew, Isabella, Hannah, and Jacquelyn. And he can’t wait to take his family to Italy together someday.
"The journey to your legacy requires taking the first uncertain step to fulfill your purpose."
Wayne Veldsman

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