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Ryan Hatch

Head of Product Strategy and Innovation

About Ryan

Ryan loves to discover why people do what they do. Where do these motivations come from? That's exactly why he's helping our clients guide the future of their products and innovating on how they do business. He has worked with organizations like American Family Insurance, 11:FS, Toptal, and countless others to refine and launch new products. Ryan likes to say he was "hatched" in Indiana, rather than born there. He has spent most of his life in Wisconsin with his wife and three kids where they enjoy camping and snacking on sour neon gummy worms during game nights. In his spare time, he is also involved in the local startup community and serves on the board for Digital Fertilizer. He has shared that he daydreams about sailing the Caribbean or digging at an archeological site. Who knows, that could be in one trip! And when he does, we hope he finds a new dinosaur.

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A question is the place in the mind - where an answer can live."

Clayton Christensen

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