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One Drop

Innovative medical management platform launches streamlined app for FDA approval

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What is One Drop?

One Drop is an award-winning diabetes management system that empowers users to take control of their health by managing diabetes, blood pressure, heart health, and weight all in one place.

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The Challenge

FDA Approval

One Drop is developing a second app designed to meet FDA approval. That combination of CGM hardware and software is going through 510(k) approval.

The Solution

To facilitate One Drop’s goals, Headway came in as their full-service product team. That included product strategy, design, and development as well as working with their clinical team to design an effective onboarding experience.

HIPAA Compliance

The new app is a streamlined version of One Drop’s original, more robust app. While the first app integrates all health information in the user’s account, the new app only provides specific readings, as required to gain FDA approval. To remain HIPAA compliant, the FDA does not want readings to be connected to a user’s full health profile.



Effective Onboarding

Headway’s development team made the new user onboarding between the monitor device and software simple and fast


FDA Approval & HIPAA Compliance

One Drop also needed an app that could go through the FDA submission process, and adhere to the highest levels of HIPAA compliance. Headway made that possible.


Shared Ownership

When given the opportunity, Headway will own the entire project for a client. In One Drop’s case, that included everything from how users connect to the patch to preparing for users as they enter later stages of use post-onboarding.


Understanding the market

Headway enabled One Drop to launch a new business model. This is a brand new, core business offering that's going to differentiate One Drop in the market.

client testimonial
"I sincerely enjoy working with every person on their team that has been involved in this project. Not only are they always very professional and on top of their game, but they are also fun people to work with and learn from."

Joscelyn Daguna

Biosensor Launch Lead at One Drop

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