Zach Montroy

People & Team Strategist

Zach's three favorite apps are Slack, Trello and EveryDollar, so you can probably tell he's the most organized person on the team. If he had to choose another career, he would be interested in being a news producer after seeing the TV series The Newsroom. He has great energy and insight that helps the team work and play well together. His family keeps him busy at home, with three (adorable) kids to chase after! His dream vacation would be on a quiet beach somewhere, leaving the frigid temperatures of Tennessee behind.
"If we want people to fully show up, to bring their whole selves including their unarmored, whole hearts—so that we can innovate, solve problems, and serve people—we have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected."
Brené Brown, Dare to Lead

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