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Product redesign and feature improvements

Capturing tasks through real-time chat for construction projects to simplify project management between contractors and subcontractors.

a promotional graphic for the task tag software application

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What is TaskTag?

TaskTag is a task management tool for contractors and their subcontractors within the construction industry to help turn discussions from a messaging feed into actionable tasks.

client testimonial
"I appreciate Headway's process the most. They are fiercely adherent to the plan and schedule. They were in constant communication with us to ensure the designs were meeting our requirements."

Kang Shen

Founder at TaskTag


The team at TaskTag was looking to level up the design and development of their mobile and web application to meet the fast-paced and complex demands of the construction industry.

a visual example showing a UX audit of the tasktag mobile app

Identify what to improve
and why with a UX audit

The TaskTag team did not have auditing experience to know how to find what changes will actually improve their product.

Elevate the user experience

TaskTag wanted to give users a seamless experience and add an enterprise solution. They needed to improve the interactions between project managers and contractors to make this possible.
Upgrade the MVP for mobile and web
The demands of the industry require the product to be more resilient, even at an early-stage. Delivering data quickly and reliably was a must.
Connect all the dots in a complex environment
TaskTag needed a team that could help architect a solution and understand how to connect all the relational data and needs of the industry.
development tool icons used in the tasktag application

Design approach

screens of the tasktag mobile and web app

Clarity on product improvements

The Headway design team found inconsistencies and usability issues that needed to be fixed. The audit gave us a clear game plan on how to improve the product.

An improved design system for scalability

Design system was updated with new brand guidelines to create consistency across the UX.
comparing the old tasktag UI to the new UI after working with Headway

User-friendly design patterns introduced

Shortening and improving flows within the product experience to align with patterns the users were familiar with.

User testing for validation

Once the UX and UI was improved, we tested the new designs with users to validate and iterate for continuous improvement.

Development approach

examples of visual components inside the tasktag UI

Capturing tasks through real-time chat

A dynamic tagging system connects the dots and simplifies all the needs of project management between the mobile and web app experience.

Powerful and fast search tools

The sooner contractors know updates, the better. Relational data can now be easily searched, shared, and seen quickly.
examples of the task tag mobile app screens

A resilient, fast frontend and backend

Our development team leveraged Expo App, React Native Web, Rails, and AnyCable to connect the object graph and quickly render in the UI.

Payment processing between app stores

Thanks to the power of RevenueCat they can easily accept payments and subscriptions for Android (Google), iOS (App Store), and web (Stripe).

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Product video by TaskTag