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Design System Governance Template for Figma

A free Figma template to use with your team to map out or improve your design system governance flow.


Help your team understand when it's time to build a new component

Make sure development and design are in sync the entire time

Find the right level of detail for each component

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Billy Sweetman
Head of Design

What's inside

Get clarity to start mapping design system workflows with your team

Know what questions you should be asking your team as you define your own design system governance flow.

Example governance flows for reference

See an example of what a full governance flow can look like and adapt it to your team's needs.

Improve design hand-offs and updates

Implementing a governance process will reduce confusion and improve communication between design and development teams.

How to use this design system governance template in Figma

Get started mapping out your design system governance flow with this starter kit on Figma Community from our premium design system course.

Billy walks through how to get started with this template in the video below.