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Design Systems for Product Teams

Free introductory design system lessons to help you plan, build, and manage design systems.

product designer and developer collaborating on a design system in Figma
video one

Intro to design systems for product designers

In this first design systems presentation, you will learn how to build design systems with proper design system documentation. This will allow you to scale your product more effectively.
  • What are design systems?

  • Do you need a design system?

  • Design system checklist

  • Setting up your system

  • Naming conventions

video two

Design systems management and documentation

Learn how to properly manage design systems so you can adapt to product changes and keep your projects organized for everyone on your team. Billy, Head of Design at Headway, will go through tips and tricks, share design systems examples, and the best practices that have helped us manage our design systems and projects at Headway.
  • Tracking and implementing new design requests

  • Best practices for version control

  • Managing documentation, updates, and your team with changes

  • See design systems examples

video three

Design systems promotion and product team communication

Keep your entire team on the same page. High performing product teams develop a design system process to build effective communication and keep all teams aware of what items are being added to the system.
  • Learn how to create a better system of communication

  • Who needs to be updated and how often

  • Improve collaboration between design and development

  • Tools you can use to share design system updates

Become a Figma design system pro

We have a premium video course for product designers that want to master all aspects of design systems in Figma. With our video course, you'll learn how to create a system that works for you—not against you.

Free Figma UI kit and design system

Never start from scratch again. Quickly mockup a product design or marketing site for your project.

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samples of figma ui components inside the shipwright design system