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Figma Tutorials for Beginners

Free introductory video lessons to show you the basics of Figma. No previous experience required.

ui designer creating design in Figma at the Headway office
video one

Learn the basics of Figma

In the first lesson, we will do a basic introduction to using Figma to get everyone familiar with the interface and the design tools within the application. We share tips, tricks, and our approach to designing websites and products as a team in Figma collaboratively at Headway.
video two

Creating and managing components in Figma

Components are the building blocks of design systems. In this lesson, the design team at Headway shares best practices and recommendations for designing components with Figma so you can create better work and save time when working on large projects. Even with a large team involved.
video three

Creating prototypes in Figma

In this third lesson, the design team at Headway will be sharing best practices and recommendations for creating interactive prototypes so that you can do user testing with Figma. This allows you to get feedback so you can make effective changes before a project is handed off for development.
video FOUR

User testing with Figma prototypes

In this final lesson, we share our process and approach to conducting a customer interview to get meaningful feedback on your designs. We conducted a live interview on a product we are working on so you can see first hand what it can be like and identify opportunities to create or improve your own process. After the interview, we had a Q&A and discussed past experiences, tools, key learnings, and what next steps would be on any project.

Become a Figma design system pro

We have a premium video course for product designers that want to master all aspects of design systems in Figma. With our video course, you'll learn how to create a system that works for you—not against you.

Free Figma UI kit and design system

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samples of figma ui components inside the shipwright design system