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Startup Foundations

Where should you focus first in your startup? Without a plan, it’s hard to know what’s working and what isn’t. Learn foundational tactics that actually make an impact.

Prime your startup for growth

Tailored for early-stage founders and entrepreneurs

Learn foundational principles with a lasting impact

Proven tactics for real business growth

Guided lessons for continuous traction


Ryan Hatch
Head of Product Strategy & Innovation
Andrew Verboncouer
Partner & CEO

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What you'll learn



Welcome to Startup Foundations. In this free video series, we'll share proven tactics for any early-stage founder to take action right now. These lessons are designed to help founders gain traction in the most important areas of their startup.


Target Market Segments

Learn why startup founders need to create focus so you can go further faster. See how you can decide which customers to go after through opportunity discovery.


Napkin Financial Models

Will your idea actually make money? We’ll guide you through a financial model to understand the financial potential of your startup.


Customer Research Methods

Learn the best approach to doing customer research. The insights you collect will give you clarity on what to do next with your product and marketing efforts.


Demand Testing

Find out if people will actually buy your solution or if you need to pivot into better opportunities. Learn the ways you can collect evidence and test the demand of your solution idea.


Rapid Prototyping

Quickly and easily get your solution concepts in front of customers for feedback before you invest capital into building a product.

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Build a business, not just an app

Guided lessons for real results

With a structured plan, you can start seeing real results in your startup. Our free video course offers proven tactics that impact real business growth. Uncover the foundational tactics that will drive lasting results for your venture.

Building a strong foundation for traction

Discover where to focus first in your startup journey. This course provides guidance on creating a strong foundation and the right mindset to gain continuous traction. Learn how to identify what's working and what isn't, empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Tailored for early-stage founders and ideas

Whether you're just starting or have product ideas, this series is designed for you. It caters to early-stage founders and entrepreneurs seeking actionable insights to propel their startups forward.

Learn where to focus first in your startup

When you don’t have a plan, it’s hard to know what’s working and what isn’t. Let us help you lay a strong foundation for success.

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