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Bridging the dev talent gap to maintain product velocity

By partnering with Headway, ThirdHome was able to access top talent immediately, mitigating the risk of development slowdown while they focused on growing their team.


Staff Augmentation, Web Development, Mobile Development


Web, Mobile



Client Testimonial
We had a fantastic experience with Headway. By providing us a well rounded engineer, we were able to keep projects moving while also focusing on building up our team. We made 2 hires during the process and delivered 3 projects that we would not have had the bandwidth otherwise.

DeeAnn Kendrick

Director of Engineering at ThirdHome


ThirdHome had an ambitious list of goals, but was short-staffed to make it happen within their desired timeline. Recognizing the need to maintain development momentum during their internal recruitment process, ThirdHome needed a reliable partner to access skilled senior developers quickly.

Rebuilding their checkout system

ThirdHome wanted to add the ability to unify checkout flows and add upsells. In many cases, customers had to checkout multiple times with the current system related to external legacy limitations.

Upgrading their Stripe API

The checkout system was secure, but it was using an older Stripe API. They needed to make the upgrade to take advantage of new payment features and monitor for any potential issues that could occur.

Onboarding new partners to the program

They needed development support to properly onboard and connect new databases with new organizational partners.

Here's how we helped

ThirdHome got quick access to top development talent

We provided a senior full-stack developer to partner with their team. This helped them confidently stay on track while staying within their budget.

A new and improved dynamic checkout system

Together we built a unified checkout flow that allowed multiple checkout types at once. This also gave them the ability to upsell. It even includes sync support with external legacy office systems.

Their Stripe API upgraded and stress tested

We were able to upgrade their Stripe system and monitored for issues across their payments ecosystem.

New partner successfully onboarded to the program

We provided reliable development support to ensure a smooth onboarding process for everyone involved.
Client Testimonial
Headway made the process so easy. The communication and pinpointing of the changing needs was amazing. They are a solid company to work with and won't push you into doing something where they can't add value.

DeeAnn Kendrick

Director of Engineering at ThirdHome