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The Intro


The Intro

The Intro

Jon introduces himself, the podcast, and Headway.

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Jon Kinney
Jon Kinney
Jon Kinney

Hello, and welcome to even-keeled, the podcast about the craft of creating software and effective development teams. I'm your host Jon Kinney, and I'm a founding partner and the CTO of Headway, a product design and development studio, headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

I've been creating software for startups and enterprises since graduating with a Management Information Systems degree in 2006. And I've been building and leading software teams for the last nine years. This podcast will give you insight into Headways, development methodologies and best practices that help our clients build successful software. We'll cover topics like standardizing your team's development tooling, project management when you don't have a project manager, Git workflows, automated testing, learning techniques like spaced repetition, how to run effective retrospective meetings, and more.

The format of this podcast will be a mix between me distilling Headways approach on a given topic in a focused 20 minute episode, and a more traditional interview based approach where I'll be speaking with folks on our local and remote teams, as well as industry experts on topics of interest that will help raise the level of our craft. There are lots of podcasts about specific development languages, frameworks, project management, or even consulting. But we'll be taking a more holistic approach, providing content to help developers and development managers focus on the skills and mindset necessary to successfully bring ideas to market through software.

I hope you'll tune in each month as we learn and grow together. And if this content is helpful to you, it would meant a lot to me if you could rate and review the podcast on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts, so we can share this info with even more people. I'm your host, Jon Kinney and I look forward to sharing episode one of the even-keeled podcast with you very soon.

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