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A show about the process of building successful software.

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45 min
January 20, 2021

Healthcare Innovation During COVID-19

Andrew talks with Michael Seidel, Design Strategy Manager, about designing systems of care and the accelerated innovation of telehealth. They discuss using evidence-backed research to create products and creating holistic experiences for patients across various platforms.
46 min
June 17, 2020

Starting Up Solo

Andrew talks with Pete Bernardo, Founder of Punchlist, about starting a company from the ground up on your own. When you're a one-person crew, how do you prioritize tasks to make the most impact? How do you keep your head up in a sea of to-dos?
49 min
May 27, 2020

Startup Sales: Selling On The Problem You Solve

Andrew talks with Scott Sambucci, CEO and Founder of SalesQualia, on how to leverage the sales process for startups. Scott demystifies the selling, reminding entrepreneurs to stop focusing on the product - but instead, to focus on the problem and the solutions their product offers.
40 min
May 6, 2020

Empowering Commerce Through Cryptocurrencies

Andrew talks with Justin Seidl of Sequoir (formerly Vertbase), about starting, scaling, and launching a crypto-startup. Justin gives a look behind his streamlined process for transferring digital assets.
49 min
April 21, 2020

Scaling Remote Work

Andrew interviews Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble. They discuss scaling teams and products as well as the benefits of hiring remote talent.
59 min
March 31, 2020

Collaborative Design for Startups

Andrew interviews Kerem Suer, VP of Design at Carbon Health. Kerem shares how designers can work more collaboratively and holistically with the entire product team to push businesses further.
42 min
October 1, 2019

Making Work Better

Andrew interviews Ben Huggins, Head of Design at Humu. Hear about Ben's journey into user experience, using timely triggers to change behavior, and building product teams around business goals.
57 min
May 25, 2017

Building Businesses that Create Value

Andrew and Kyle Bragger discuss building businesses that scratch your own itch and create value for others. Kyle is co-founder and currently running Exposure with Luke Beard.
52 Min
March 9, 2017

Design Leadership and Team Communication

Andrew interviews Helen Tran, Design Lead at Shopify. They discuss design leadership, what it takes to communicate well within a large product team, and using design to reach business goals.
46 Min
December 15, 2016

Creating Delightful Customer Experiences

Andrew and Kris Eul discuss focusing on outcomes, meeting customers at the lowest point of friction, and creating delightful experiences for customers.
53 Min
November 21, 2016

Raising Capital for the First Time

Andrew interviews Drew Wilson, Founder of Plasso. Hear about Drew's first experience raising funding and pitching to investors in Silicon Valley and his advice to entrepreneurs looking to raise funding.
46 Min
November 10, 2016

Democratizing Data Research and Value-Based Interviewing

Andrew interviews Joe Razza, Head of Product and Design at Knowledgehound, on his background into design, and explores how they are democratizing data research and visualization at Knowledge Hound.
40 Min
October 24, 2016

Building Bots as a Business (BaaBs)

Andrew interviews Jamie Wright on his path into technology and bots, and explores modern tools and kits that help streamline BaaBs (bots as a business).
61 Min
October 11, 2016

Segmenting Users for Better UX

Andrew talks with Pete Bernardo about his path into UX, using intercom for segmentation, and utilizing slack bots to add value to your team.
49 Min
September 13, 2016

Psychology and Behavioral Design

Andrew interviews Victor Yocco, author of "Design for the Mind." They dive into the methods and benefits of using psychology and behavioral design to better serve customers.
29 Min
August 29, 2016

Bootstrapping Your Startup

Chris interviews Ben Bartling of Zoomshift on his entrepreneurial journey and how they've been able to bootstrap their startup in Wisconsin.
50 Min
August 16, 2016

Focusing on Customer Success

Brian shares how Handshake has grown by focusing on their customers success and balancing and prioritizing attention in their three-pronged market.
33 Min
July 19, 2016

Telling Tales Wrestling Whales

Andrew and Chris interview Ben Johnson, Founder of Elegant Seagulls. They explore the value that design storytelling, empathy, and differentiating your brand (business, startup, or brand) can create.
27 Min
July 4, 2016

Start With Why

Learn more about customer problem interviews and using the 5 whys in your projects with Andrew Verboncouer and Chris Schmitz.
35 Min
June 21, 2016

Mitigating The Risks of Startup Ideas

Andrew Verboncouer and Chris Schmitz discuss different methods, strategies, tools and tactics you can use to start validating and mitigate the risk of pursuing your ideas.
11 Min
June 6, 2016

The Intro

Andrew and Chris introduce themselves, the Seaworthy podcast, and Headway. Seaworthy is a podcast about building successful software.