Design Systems

Build a design system for your product and team to make scaling up a whole lot easier.

Systemize your product and brand with a clear guide

Design systems can be implemented in a variety of ways. At their core, they give your team a guide for consistently building great products.

Increased team velocity

Get rid of the low-hanging fruit on each feature iteration. Focus on solving the real problems rather than what button they should use.

Seamless collaboration

Empower your team to collaborate faster and more clearly. Get more clarity about what things are called and the need to mock everything up.

Consistent UX and UI

Create comprehensive standards for your product, leaving your team to solve more significant issues so your customers know what to expect.

Stop creating technical debt

A design system is one part of the solution to solving most debt issues you’ll find on your product and team.

Inconsistent UX

Don’t leave key patterns on the table to be defined each iteration.


Keep consistent design tokens in your product and remove constant guessing and rework.


Reduce communication breakdowns with a governance model and system guides.

Design and technical debt

Inconsistent components and patterns creating additional work and maintenance.

How do we go about building a design system?

Our design system process scales according to your product size and needs. We recommend starting with a pilot project.

Phase one

Deep Dive

We'll help you to gain a deep understanding of your product, team, and existing design assets to lay the foundation for an effective design system.

Onboarding session

Brand review

Full product and system walkthrough

Naming convention planning

Tooling audit and review

Governance modeling

Team interviews

Phase two

Design System Iterations

Iteratively refine and expand your design system, creating a comprehensive set of reusable design elements and documentation to empower your team.

Design token definition

Reference site documentation

Figma system schema

Coded component library

Atomic design UI kit creation

Phase three

Action Plan

Implement the design system through a pilot project, establish team workflows, and develop a clear roadmap for future adoption and growth.

Pilot project rollout

Team cadence and governance model review

Action plan for next adoption

client testimonial
"For our design team, Headway's biggest area of impact was helping with the design system and the transition to Figma. It's increased the foundational elements and lets us operate at a 5-10x velocity. That was huge."

Todd Kamps

Head of Design at Roostify

It's time get your team a powerful design system

Our team can work with you in 3 different ways and get you setup with design systems.

Design System Training

Our team will come along side your team and help train them and build out your design system.
Kick off with your team
Review of current work
Action plan and scheduling
Daily team check-ins and guidance
In-depth walkthroughs of key design system processes and tools
Access to our design systems for designers starter course
UX pattern recommendations

Figma UI Kit

Get your design team running with a critical component of the design system, the UI kit.
Kick off with your team
Component audit and review
Figma Schema and Atomic Design structure
Design system UI kit creation
Design system governance
Design and developer coordination

Full Design System Team

Bring our full design system team on board to help establish and build your system.
Kick off with your team
Component audit and review
Figma schema and atomic design structure
Design system UI kit creation
Design system governance
Design and developer coordination
Component creation in front end technology
Reference site

Free Figma UI kit and design system

Never start from scratch again. Quickly mockup a product design or marketing site for your project.

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samples of figma ui components inside the shipwright design system