Digital Product Design - UI UX

Get an initial design for your new product, test new feature ideas, or enhance your current product with an audit.

Your customers demand a useful and beautiful product

Understand the nuance of your customer's needs and deliver something that works for them and elevates your brand.

Tried and true UX process

Understand your customers through interviews, mapping out their experience, testing solutions, and delivering that final experience that matches what they deserve.

Elegant and effective

Great-looking products that build on vast experience and cutting-edge patterns. Build what customers want and need.

Leverage our design toolkit

We can get your product designs off the ground thanks to our custom UI kit and design system templates.

a collage of mobile and web application screens

Your brand and customers deserve more

Understand how your customers are currently solving issues and give them a solution that they will love.

Customer focused

Don’t just design what you think is right, find what your customers need to succeed.

Ready for handoff

Don’t make your developers guess every step of the way in the design. Have a hand-crafted developer handoff so they can match exactly what is on the screen.

Understand how things connect

Understand the nuance of your product and how the entire system works together.

Systematic approach

Need to extend your design? No worries. with our systematic approach you’ll have all of the components you need to build any screen for your product.

the design team collaborating in a conference room at the Headway office

What you can expect from our design process

Our process scales according to your product size and needs of your product

Phase one

Deep Dive

Gain valuable insights through customer interviews, market analysis, and product audits, while establishing the foundation for your product's information architecture and visual direction.

Customer interviews

Moodboards and conceptual directions

Market analysis

Customer journey

Product audit

Product mapping and information architecture

Phase two


Create wireframes and conduct solution interviews to solidify the core structure of your product, ensuring a seamless user experience through simulated shopping experiences.

Product wireframes

Solution interviews

Simulated shopping

Phase three

Scaling Design

Leverage the power of an established UI kit to create polished interface designs, prototypes, and conduct user testing to refine and improve the user experience.

UI kit rollout

User testing

Interface design


Phase four

Development Support

Provide comprehensive support to your development team through detailed requirements documentation, asset extractions, coordination, planning, and meticulous design quality assurance.

Requirements documentation

Developer coordination and planning

Asset extractions

Design QA

client testimonial
"I couldn’t wait to see what they had to share in every sprint. In every sprint review there was a visible change in the product that could be tested or refined. I loved seeing the product workflows come to life."

Kelly Williams

Network Strategy Product Lead

Let’s design and enhance your product

Our team can work with you in a few different ways and to get your product looking and feeling incredible for your users.

New Product

Go from concepting to hi-fidelity prototypes, and more.
User interviews to understand the space
Market analysis
App map and information architecture
Moodboards and conceptual direction
Scaled design across key flows
Marketing or social ad design

Product Redesign

Refresh the look of your product and improve the experience.
Kick off with your team
Screen and flow audit and review
Current User Interviews
App map with flow adjustments
Conceptual directions and adjustments

Product Enhancements

Need our team to jump in and help supercharge your team?
Kick off with your team
Review systems and processes for current design
Working within your current flow and work-stream
Providing insights and guidance on the process and execution