Andrew Verboncouer

Partner & CEO

Andrew's passion within his work life is solving problems through design where he utilizes empathy, user experience, prototyping, and visual design execution. A Land Rover lover, he wasn't always fixated on all things design. Andrew's passion was becoming an NFL running back where he spent years defying odds, climbing obstacles, and pumping iron. Two years of pro indoor football, 3 injuries, 10+ combines, and countless doorways he couldn't fit his shoulders through, he decided it was time to put his hopes of joining the NFL ranks behind him. Andrew was born and raised in Green Bay, WI, but spent a few years of his life living in England winre he has lasting roots of British culture. Andrew lived in Hawaii with his wife Lauren and their dog Keona, before returning to the Frozen Tundra where they have since welcomed two daughters, Violet and Olive. He never misses a moment with his FujiFilm X-A2 or GoPro, two of the things he couldn't live without. With a love for snowboarding, reading, working out, traveling, and exploring it makes sense that Andrew's dream vacation is a combination of the ocean, coastal views, and giant pow runs through the trees.
"Less, but better."
Dieter Rams
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