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Continuous Discovery Habits for Product Teams

Teresa Torres
Author & Product Discovery Coach
Ep 06

Continuous Discovery Habits for Product Teams

Hosted By
Ryan Hatch
Robert Kaminski
Teresa Torres

Episode Details

This episode is packed with practical advice for product teams. Join Ryan and Robert for a discussion with Teresa Torres, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and coach as they dig into her upcoming book, Continuous Discovery Habits, which is designed to be a product trio's guide to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery.

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Show Notes

Teresa's Book - Continuous Discovery Habits

Continuous Discovery Habits Community

Teresa Torres on Product Talk

Product Discovery Courses

Key discussions in this episode

  • Where Product Teams Struggle Most?
  • Types of Organizations and Projects Teresa Works With
  • Friction Organizations Face with Product Discovery
  • Collaborating with Sales Teams for Discovery Interviews
  • Why Weekly Engagements with Customers?
  • Ideal Outcomes From Continuous Discovery Habits Book
  • Guiding Leaders to Slow Down and Focus on Discovery
  • Recruiting Customers for Research?
  • Creating a Strong Offer for Customer Outreach
  • Conducting Virtual Interviews with Customers
  • Why Three People for Customer Interviews?
  • Synthesis and Communication to Key Stakeholders
  • Understanding the Impact of Continuous Discovery
  • Research Quality vs Quantity

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