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53 min
February 8, 2022

Your SaaS Metrics Are Lying To You

Which SaaS Metrics really matter? What are good Startup Metrics or Startup KPIs? Corey Haines, Founder of Swipefiles and Marketing Lead at SavvyCal shares his hot takes on SaaS metrics that don't really matter and what to focus on instead. Listen in as Corey shares his experiences from working at Baremetrics and consulting other startups with their SaaS growth metrics.
50 min
December 16, 2021

Don't Trust Your Product Survey

Learn why new product survey questions can lead you in the wrong direction for your product, and what you should be doing instead for better customer research methods. Tune in to Exploring Product with Ryan Hatch and Robert Kaminski of the Headway Product Strategy Team as they answer the most common questions teams might ask on surveys to figure out what’s next for their product and reasons why they can be misleading.
52 min
November 23, 2021

Revenue or Funding First? Which is Best for Your Startup?

This month on Exploring Product, Ryan and Robert discuss the balance between cash in the bank and money needed to validate and grow your business - the ultimate chicken-and-egg problem for founders. Raising money and finding first customers will look different for every startup. Investors want to know if you're making money, but maybe your product can't be created without investment. Learn mindsets and approaches to raising money and getting first revenue.
59 min
November 1, 2021

Why Startups Fail: A Look Into Product-Market Fit

Craig Zingerline, Co-Founder and CEO at Growth University joins Ryan and Robert on Exploring Product to break down why some startups fail, why others find success, and the importance of product-market fit.
1 hr
September 16, 2021

Product-Led Onboarding: Critical Steps to Turn Users into Lifelong Customers

Ramli John discusses key insights from his new book, as well as break down what most SaaS companies get wrong and tips to set up product onboarding for success.‍
1 hr
August 26, 2021

Finding Value Propositions That Resonate - Simulated Shopping

Learn how top companies are using Simulated Shopping to quickly test, iterate, and find value propositions that resonate with the market. In this episode, Ryan and Robert chat with Alan Klement, VP of Products at Gmthub, to unpack how top companies are using Simulated Shopping to quickly test, iterate, and find value propositions that resonate with the market.
58 min
July 14, 2021

When to Stop and Think: Decision Making Using Pivot Triggers

After many years of trying (and failing) to push companies and teams into outcomes-first thinking, Tom Kerwin introduced his new Pivot Triggers model. Listen as Tom unpacks how to use Pivot Triggers to help dodge sunk cost bias and kill bad ideas fast - so you can find what actually works.
53 min
June 23, 2021

Continuous Discovery Habits for Product Teams

Join our discussion with Teresa Torres, author of Continuous Discovery Habits. Her new book provides practical advice is designed to be a product trio's guide to a structured and sustainable approach to continuous discovery.
56 min
June 17, 2021

Wizard of Oz Prototype to Launch

How can a startup compete and better than the competition? Solve problems before you even build. We talk with Kris Eul, Co-Founder of Kinetic, on how he went from a Wizard of Oz prototype to launch and his journey as a founder.
59 min
April 22, 2021

Startup Ideas That Attract VC Funding

Ryan and Robert chat with John Zeratsky, Author of Sprint Book & Make Time. Learn what founders need to do first in order to attract venture capital, signals that John looks for when looking to invest in startup ideas, and more.
56 min
March 22, 2021

Building an Innovation Culture and Measuring Innovation Success

How do you build an Innovation Culture and what does that process look like? What about measuring innovation success? Ryan and Robert chat with Shashank Varma, an Innovation and Startup Consultant that helped launch the Innovation Accelerator at Kohler. Learn about Shashank's background and how he got started in the business, his innovative work at Kohler, as well as his expertise in coaching startups, making innovation repeatable, and more!
56 min
February 25, 2021

Better Meetings and Improving the Remote Innovation Process

Learn how to make virtual meetings better and improve your innovation process with Douglas Ferguson of Voltage Control and Author of Beyond the Prototype and Magical Meetings.
50 min
February 1, 2021

Learning Loop - A Framework for Innovating New Products

Learn how you can use a learning loop to see the big picture and make better decisions when innovating new products. Listen in as Ryan Hatch, Head of Product Strategy, and Robert Kaminski, Product Strategist, discuss their approach to validating product innovation ideas for businesses.