Mobile App Development

Get access to reliable, U.S. based, mobile developers that can confidently lead projects and bring your product designs to life.

Code for connection and commerce

Leverage our people and process

Let’s hit the ground running. Our team can lead and manage projects. We take true ownership as if the product was our own.

Ready to scale

Before we write a line of code, we map out the needs for today while priming your product for future expansion.

Seriously secure

It’s better to be safe than sorry. From HIPAA compliance to 510(k) approval, we have the critical experience to protect your customer’s data.

client testimonial
"Headway put together a mobile team with a designer, iOS developers, and back-end engineer and team lead. They asked great questions to help us break down the features into a beautiful, easy to use app that’s been successful for sales to-date."

Daniel Archer

SVP of Technology at Ritual

Hiring and managing great developers is hard. We can help with that.

Use our proven and refined process

Don’t have any SOPs? Our process can be applied to any project to stay on track, fix issues quickly, and create visibility for everyone involved.

Design collaboration made easy

We’ve created a powerful process and tooling to make collaboration between design and development teams easy to manage.

Technical decision support

You’ll have to make choices on hosting, tooling, and more. Our team has seen all sorts of scenarios, stays on top of trends, and can guide you for what’s in your best interest.

Level up your team

We won’t leave you hangin’ after launch. We can get your team trained, confident, and ready to grow your product with our large library of resources and tools.

Work with talented and kind people

We hear it time and time again. Our team is legit, helpful, and super nice. You can experience it for yourself.

Ways we can build mobile apps

SwiftUI - Native iOS

In-depth knowledge of the iOS platform

Thorough understanding of the App Store guidelines

Proficiency in writing clean and understandable SwiftUI code

Experienced with third party packages and hardware integration

Kotlin with Jetpack Compose - Native Android

Use of tooling that is both modern and best practice

Emphasis on testable, maintainable, readable code

Experience with design systems

Experienced with Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy integration

React Native and Expo - Cross Platform

Rapid development

Faster delivery with over the air EAS updates through Expo

Develop and deploy across multiple platforms: iOS, Android, and web

Based on a reusable component-based architecture

Accessible to developers of all levels of experience and background

Healthy community of packages to pull from, don't reinvent the wheel

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