Tech and Code Audits

Get an easy-to-understand report to identify issues within the technical aspects of your product before they become too expensive to fix, saving valuable time and resources.

Find your technical weak spots

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Find what’s not working

Uncover bugs and flaws in the architecture of your product and know what you should do to fix them.

Improve reliability, speed, and security

Get recommendations to make your product faster and more resilient to keep customers happy and their data safe.

Cleaner, well documented code

Make working on your product easier for everyone with thorough developer documentation inside and outside of your code.

Get ahead of the issues

Reduce risk and prepare for growth

Know the risks of scaling with your current tech stack and what you can do to scale without draining your bank account on unnecessary or over-engineered hosted services.

Extend your runway

With more visibility on all aspects of your product, you’ll have more confidence in managing your resources.

client testimonial
"Headway put together a mobile team with a designer, iOS developers, and back-end engineer and team lead. They asked great questions to help us break down the features into a beautiful, easy to use app that’s been successful for sales to-date."

Daniel Archer

SVP of Technology at Ritual

Common deliverables and reports


General app spin-up

Tech and dependency review

Static and dynamic analysis

Data model review

Component audit

API tech audit

Review testing approach

Accessibility audit

Process and workflow

Hosting audit and diagram

Documentation analysis

Git branching workflow

Testing strategy

Performance profiling

Security review

Dependency vulnerability review


Report creation

Estimation of work

Final presentation and findings

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