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Website audit, redesign, and brand revival

Learn how Headway helped Cellcom improve its website and brand experience for its customers in every stage of the buyer journey.


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Client Testimonial
Headway's thoughtful team listened carefully, asked good questions, and helped us reimagine what our site could be. They provided solid direction and guidance for our site launch and beyond.

Cindy Durand

Senior Director of Public Affairs


Cellcom knew their website and online shopping experience was feeling outdated for their customers and regional markets. They wanted to revive both the website experience and the way people feel when they look at their visual brand.

Gain trust and build traction in a competitive market

Having an “outdated-looking” website made it difficult to build trust with buyers that have a new level of expectation in their browsing experiences.

Optimize the D2C experience on the website

They needed to improve the look, feel, and navigation for buyers in every stage of the journey. Researching cell phone plans, seeing new phones available, and improving checkout flows.

Update the look and feel of the brand

Both the website and the brand was feeling a bit outdated for the market expansion goals Cellcom had. They needed to establish a new, polished, and modern look on their website and marketing collateral.

Great website redesign starts with a UX audit

To get the biggest impact in any website redesign, you start with a UX audit. This helps inform opportunities for improvement and design decisions we make together. We collaborated with Cellcom leadership, their customers, and their target market to find the best path forward for a website redesign effort.

Aligning the needs of the business with the voice of the customer

We first met with Cellcom to listen and understand what mattered to the business in regards to their website and future initiatives. That way they are set up for success beyond this project.

Next, we met with their customers and people in their target market. This vital customer feedback gave us a compass for design and content decisions on every page of their website.

UX and UI audit process

After customer research we conduct a formal UI and UX audit. This helps you understand where you are today with your website. This will help you identify and document all aspects if your website. You can carry over what’s working, fix what’s not working, and prioritize what matters most in the new website design.

Home page

In redesigning the home page, we emphasized a clean, visually engaging layout with a strong value proposition front and center, ensuring that first-time visitors immediately grasp the brand's unique strengths. We also integrated persuasive, user-friendly call-to-action buttons to guide users smoothly towards key conversion points.

Navigation updates

For the navigation, we assessed the current navigation structure and reimagined the menu experience to accommodate their extensive range of products and services. This brought forward the most popular menu items and improved accessibility.

Calling plan pages

We focused on clarity to reduce confusion around how plan variables could work for customers—presenting plan options in an easily digestible format that highlights value and features at a glance. We introduced interactive elements for users to personalize plan options, fostering a more engaging and tailored user experience.

Product pages

For product pages, we ensured that detailed, yet succinct product information is accompanied by high-quality images and clear pricing, instilling confidence in the buyer's decision-making process. We also incorporated a streamlined, distraction-free checkout flow, minimizing drop-offs and elevating the overall purchase experience.

Checkout experience

In refining the checkout flows, we prioritized simplicity and transparency, particularly in the order summary section. Here, users find a clear, concise breakdown of their order, with itemized costs, applicable discounts, and total pricing displayed prominently to eliminate any last-minute surprises.

UX audit report, alignment, and prioritization

Smart design decisions aren't made inside a bubble. After sharing our findings we collaborated on what the new site designs could look like for Cellcom and what customers are already seeing from their competitors.
website design audit report preview pages laid out in a graphic

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Website redesign

Within the new website visual direction we applied improvements made to user experience based on the feedback we got from the audit, customers, and target market. We also created page templates and a website design system to help their team scale efforts as needed.

Design templates created for page types and needs

Many of the pages would be following the same patters, so we built both page and section templates in Figma that they could leverage for various needs across the business.This included product pages, articles, promotions, service plans, and more.

Complete website design system and guide built in Figma

We aligned their new website and brand with a powerful design system in Figma. This makes future updates and expansions easier for both their design and development teams.

Website design system

We’re all about well-organized files. We equipped the Cellcom team with a powerful design system for their website with templates for each part of their website. It’s accompanied with notation to make design-handoffs easy to understand for anyone that supports the website in the future.

Collaborate on visual brand update, strategy, and documentation

Beyond the website, we also helped their marketing team define their new visual brand, guidelines, and documentation. This supported efforts their efforts online and offline through print, advertising, and their physical locations.
Client Testimonial
If you have a project that lacks the internal resources to complete in your desired timeframe, Headway’s very methodical approach and highly experienced team can get you to the finish line!

Cindy Durand

Senior Director of Public Affairs at Cellcom