Welcome to The Founder's Mindset. A free educational video series from Headway to help startup founders increase their chances for business success with their product ideas.

Ryan Hatch
Head of Product Strategy & Innovation
Andrew Verboncouer
Partner & CEO

Welcome to The Founder's Mindset series, where we are sharing insights and soft skills that we've learned from working with dozens and dozens of startups and corporate innovation teams and building hundreds of products over the last decade.

So what you'll find in this series are the different mindsets it takes to be a promoter of your business, but also be a realist and understand how you can challenge yourself and your team. We'll cover: 

- The differences between building a product or building a business

- Decision-making and how that needs to happen inside of your startup

- How you address risk and also know how you understand if you're the right fit for the market

- If you're the right person or the right team to bring something to life

We hope you enjoy this series and find these helpful on your journey.