As a startup founder, you'll need to make thousands of decisions for your product. Learn to have strong beliefs, loosely held, and use customer feedback to make better decisions.

Ryan Hatch
Head of Product Strategy & Innovation
Andrew Verboncouer
Partner & CEO

As you're chasing this opportunity now, there's going to be 10,000 decisions you're going to have to make. It's a lot to take on. So let's talk about decision-making. As you're chasing and going after this vision, we want you to constantly be getting feedback from the market, adapting to the market, and building a business that fits their needs.

The question is going to be, are you willing to follow the evidence? Because the feedback that you're going to get from the market will not be what you expected. And when we talk about decisions and 10,000 decisions - yeah, you're going to make some. But a lot of times, the market is the ultimate decider on what works and what doesn't work.

And when the market tells you one thing, and you believe another, are you willing to let go? Are you willing to adapt? We want you to be so excited about what you're doing and have these strong beliefs but loosely held. So are you okay following the evidence, letting go of what you thought it would be? Following towards what it actually is in order to get to that vision. Are you willing to flex? And those decisions have to come quickly, and with incomplete information. You're never going to have all the answers. You're never going to have perfect information. You're never going to have all the data, but you have to move - even if it's uncomfortable to move forward.

And it's okay to make reversible decisions. To try this, and it doesn't work - back up and go another way. But you're going to have to make decisions quickly, and it's sometimes uncomfortable. The question is, when that market feedback comes back, are you willing to adapt?
And are you willing to follow the evidence?