Losing paying customers to UX or UI issues?

Our team helps B2B SaaS companies identify issues that can kill a product’s key metrics.
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What’s damaging your product’s experience?

Products operate on key metrics that ensure they are delivering value to their customers.

We help product teams discover and address these issues

We’ll identify key issues and recommendations on how to address them throughout your entire product.

Product Friction

We’ll find the largest friction points in your product flows and interface.

Perceived Satisfaction

Identify improvements to drive delight and the right actions at the right time.

User Churn

Identify features that could increase current user churn.

Time on Task

Find items that increase the time a user needs to complete a task.

Reduce Support Tickets

Identify issues that cause more support tickets.


What parts of your product are inaccessible to your user base?

What We Do





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The Process

Work closely with our design experts to define and solve the issues together.

Kick Off

The kickoff is the baseline for the process. Collaborating with product stakeholders, we will set the goals by defining:

  • The vision of the product
  • Develop goals for the product
  • Define the key audience

UX Audit

In this step, our audit team will perform the audit based on gathered knowledge. The audit will consist of:

  • Competitor & industry research
  • Heuristic product evaluation
  • UX/UI recommendations


The completed audit will compile UX recommendations with an in-depth report for your team.

  • Screen by screen notes and documentation
  • Complete UX/UI recommendations
  • Actionable next steps for your team

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Starting at 3 days, we can make an audit that fits to your timeline and budget.